Shopping for facial toner is sometimes a dangerous game. Not only can they be expensive, but many products on the market expose you to an abundance of potentially harmful chemicals. Today, on LifeWise Approved, holistic expert Dr. Meghan Birt of Just Enjoy Food is here to share her secrets for making your own homemade facial toner, using all-natural ingredients and essential oils.

This facial toner can be made using lavender essential oil, frankincense essential oil, or your oil of choice. It’s fragrant, effective, and easy on the skin. By following Dr. Meghan’s recipe, you too can have a personalized and Lifewise Approved facial toner, at a fraction of the cost.

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Witch Hazel:
Apple Cider Vinegar:
Vegetable Glycerine: This assists in moisturizing your skin and allow the essential oils to mix into the toner.
Lavender Essential Oil:
Frankincense Essential Oil:

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