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Being a good listener is a skill worth millions—literally! In this episode of Take LIFE, renowned business coach Rene Kamstra shares a story of how the outcome of a multimillion-dollar business deal was determined by active listening and three simple words: “Tell me more.” So how can you enhance your life by becoming a better listener?

The world is full of talkers, but listeners are at a premium. We all know the feeling of talking to someone and realizing they aren’t really listening to what we’re saying. That’s why being called a “good listener” is such high praise! Learn how Rene uses the invaluable techniques for good listening to enrich her experiences in business and in life.

Twote to Live by:
“Listening is the key to deeper conversation, and that is what creates a happier life.”

1. When listening, don’t try to force your answer on someone else
2. Follow up with phrases like, “Tell me more!” Or, “So what I’m hearing is…”
3. Never interrupt!

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