Ivy Robinson- Pop Tarts and Breaking Rules

Is it possible to make a healthy version of the Pop-Tart? Thankfully, the answer is, yes! This nutritious reinterpretation of everyone’s favorite childhood breakfast pastry is a tasty, nostalgic treat. After Faith and Ivy—two self-proclaimed “non-bakers”—share some culinary tips in the kitchen, they sit down to discuss secrets of success, motivation for everyday life, and how breaking all the rules can be a good thing. As the endlessly creative Ivy Robinson puts it, “If you don’t break the rules, you don’t have fun. I don’t take ‘no’ for an answer!”

Ivy Robinson is a wedding and event planner to the stars. Despite the demands of her high-stress career, Ivy knows how to keep things fun and lighthearted, and her appearance on this episode of Key Ingredients is no exception.

Show Notes:

Healthy Pop-Tarts

Key Ingredients For The Healthy Version:

  • Breading – Cashew Flour

Cashew flour is made from cashew nuts that have been blanched, crumbled, and dried. A handful of all-natural nuts is a great way to start any healthy recipe.

  • Binding Agents – Gelatin from grass-fed cows and xanthan gum

Gelatin from grass-fed cows and xanthan gum are clean, healthy binding agents free of the toxins present in unhealthy alternatives.

  • Processed Sugars – Organic almond extract and coconut oil

Almond extract and coconut oil contain good fats and are a healthier substitute for nasty, processed sugars.

  • Icing – Coconut Milk, Stevia, and Tapioca Starch

Get the full recipe by clicking here.

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