Clarke Allen – Apple Sauce Cake & Living in the Present

Christmas Apple Sauce Cake with Clarke Allen.

How do you make a healthy rendition of a recipe that you’ve never heard of, tasted or even seen? That is exactly what Faith wanted to know when food connoisseur, Clarke Allen, sent her his MeMaw’s traditional cake recipe. Faith was nervous and sweating bullets as Clarke tasted her rendition, but Clarke said, “MeMaw would be proud”. Whew, what a relief! After the success of the healthy treat, Faith sat with Clarke for a truly profound and special interview. She was blown away with the depth that came from this event visionary, and encourages each of you to hear his keys to success.

Who is Clarke Allen?

Clarke has been called an artistic visionary who creates a unique experience for his clients while motivating them to renewed commitment and excitement. He is the author of The Inevitable Box – A Quest for Relevance, an Award Winning Entrepreneur and Designer, a teacher, speaker and coach.

Show Notes:

Christmas Apple Sauce Cake

Key ingredients to make the healthy version:

  • All Purpose Flour – Gluten free flour.

Gluten free flour is not bleached or enriched. It’s made of coconut flour and brown rice flour.

  • Apple Sauce – Organic Unsweetened Apple Sauce
  • Brown Sugar  – Maple Syrup and Unsulfured Molasses
  • Conventional Raisins Unsweetened Organic Thompson Raisins

Get the full recipe by clicking here.

Keys Ingredients to Success

For years Clarke didn’t think he had a talent. Because his dad was a marine and his mom an artist, he thought being creative wasn’t masculine.

What have been the key ingredients to finding his purpose?

  • “The stillness of the economic collapse was a gift.”
  • “I became an observer of my own life and became more aware.”
  • “Success is living up to my own potential and expectation.”

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