Do Air Fresheners Freshen?

What’s that smell, is it you?  Hurry, go grab the can of ..WAIT! Before you spray that air freshener, watch this episode. You will learn the stinky truth about your favorite scented sprays. They may be causing way more stench than you were trying to get rid of in the first place. In this episode, Faith uncovers some of the scary hidden toxins found in your not-so-trusty sprays. She warns you to get rid of these poisons and teaches you great tips to use instead.

Show Notes:

Do Air Fresheners Really Freshen?

Myths and facts 

Could the cure for cancer be in the cause?

  • Phthalates: A major hormone disregulator.
  • Acetone: A blood, heart, gastrointestinal, liver, kidney, skin and respitory toxin
  • Butane and isobutane: A brain and nerves system toxin.
  • Perfume: 400 toxins can be masked with the word ‘perfume.’
  • Benzine: Known to cause leukemia
  • Formaldehyde: Causing cancer of the upper airways.
    How to really freshen the air
  1. Ask yourself why does the air stink? Remove the source.
  2. Let the bad air out and let fresh air in. Open the windows and the doors.
  3. Use an essential oil instead of an air freshener. It’s pure and has no side effects.

Final thoughts

Think twice before you allow fragrance in your space. Clean air doesn’t smell. Something must be addressed if there is a dingy smell. Air fresheners may cause you to think the air you are breathing is fresh, but your cells are not convinced.

Air fresheners are combusted!

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