React or Respond

Do you ever overreact?  If you’ve ever let an emotional reaction overrule your good judgment, you’re not alone.

Emotional reactions can have major effects on everything from our personal relationships to our professional lives. Would you like to spend more of your life acting instead of reacting?

In this episode of TAKE Life, Faith shares her personal journey from reaction to action. Discover how something as simple as taking a deep breath before reacting can speak volumes about your character, and lead to healthier, more positive responses.

Twote to Live by:

“Reacting can cause consequences. Breathe and respond.”

  1. Just because I think I’m right or justified does not actually mean that I am.
  2. If I’m reacting, it’s most likely driven by a deeper belief that I have of the person or the circumstance.
  3. Waiting to respond is not passive.
  4. Not all reacting is negative, and not all waiting to respond is positive.


  1. Your first reaction is not always right.
  2. Emotional reactions result in regret more often than relief.
  3. Wisdom is the key to rising above negative reactions.


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