Molly Barker- Mac and Cheese, and Authenticity

Everybody loves good, old-fashioned macaroni and cheese, and award-winning entrepreneur and business owner Molly Barker is no exception! This high-carb favorite is a tasty treat but can wreak havoc on your diet. Not anymore! In this episode of Key Ingredients, Faith and Molly concoct a healthy, delectable version of macaroni and cheese, followed by a can’t-miss interview about being your honest self and breaking free from expectations.

Molly Barker is the founder of the Red Boot Coalition and Girls on the Run, a massive international organization aimed at empowering girls to break out of the “girl box.” As Molly tells Faith, there is an indescribable spark when a person shows up as their genuine, authentic self, and the more we empower girls to break free from their perceived limits, the better this world can be. Find out how Molly’s personal journey has led to a “radical life” and the realization that we matter!

Show Notes: Three-Cheese Stovetop Macaroni

Key Ingredients For The Healthy Version:

• Boxed macaroni – Organic, brown rice noodles
• Milk – Native Forest canned coconut milk
• Boxed cheese mix packet – Raw, organic cheeses

Key Ingredients To Success

• The world functions better when we show up as ourselves and do what we dream to do.
• “It’s very hard to hate someone that you know. If we can create these places where we honestly get to know each other, the hatred becomes almost impossible.”
• “It’s never too late to make a change in the world.”


Full Recipe:

(Can also be found on pinterest here.)

Enriched flour noodles: Organic brown rice noodles

Cheese powder with chemicals fake processed cheese-like products:
Grass fed cheddar and 2 raw cheeses for maximum beneficial bacteria

Cheese packets with food colors and too much sodium:
Use organic herbs like paprika, turmeric, mustard powder, sea salt, and a dash of nutmeg for flavor and color


1 bag of organic brown rice noodles cooked and drained
1 can of Native Forest Coconut milk from Whole Foods
1 Bar of Kerrigold Cheddar Cheese
1 block of Kerrigold Butter
1 Bar of Emmental raw cheese
1 Bar of Gruyere Raw Cheese
1 tsp of turmeric
4 tsp of paprika
½ tsp of nutmeg
2 tsp of mustard powder
2 tsp of sea salt


-In a saucepan over medium to high heat, heat coconut milk and butter until melted and starting to simmer
-Whisk in herbs until well blended.
-Turn heat down if you are starting to boil.
-Add in cheese and stir until all is melted.
-Once all of the cheese is melted, add the noodles to the sauce, stir well, let stand for 5 minutes to thicken, serve immediately.

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