Let it Go

“I’m stuck in the middle of a difficult situation.” Now, there’s a phrase uttered all too often, even by the best of us! Whether in our relationships, our careers, or our personal lives, it’s easy to wake up one day, look around, and realize something is just off.

Life coach and business expert Rene Kamstra is back in this episode of Take LIFE. We’ve all experienced that feeling of being off, and as Rene puts it, being present allows you to realize when you’re stuck in a situation that feels hopeless. But there is a solution! It doesn’t always feel good, but it is always most effective: Surrender.

Twote to Live by:
“Accept, surrender, and really enjoy the miracles happening all around you.”

1. You must realize your situation and give in to the reality before you can achieve an effective and healthy result
2. Don’t be a victim—if you’re in a slump, that’s when it’s time to do jumping jacks
3. A breakthrough’s main ingredient is surrender

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