Got Milk?

Got Milk?

Remember the dairy portion on the food pyramid? Conventional wisdom tells us that milk is a healthy and essential part of our daily diets. However, there is an increasing consensus among nutritionists that milk may be far less nutritious than once thought. In fact, some people say you should avoid it altogether. So, should you be drinking milk at all? If so, conventional milk or organic? Whole or skim? Could milk really be bad for you?

Both sides of this debate are deeply entrenched in their beliefs. Those who are pro-milk say that milk is great for you. On the other hand, anti-milk people argue that humans are the only mammals on Earth that drink another mammal’s milk. As for the risks, there’s information out there as startling as milk causing intestinal bleeding. Milk is also said to be loaded with cancer-causing hormones, preservatives and additives.

In this episode of Combusted, Faith weighs the arguments for and against milk. We’ll look at which varieties of milk you should specifically avoid, the science behind the dairy debate, and what milk—if any—you should be putting into your body.

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