Is Gluten-Free Healthy?

Is eliminating gluten a healthy option for you? Some people, such as sufferers of celiac disease, have increased sensitivity to foods containing gluten. Others choose to avoid it for the sake of their overall health. As a result, gluten-free products have become increasingly popular. But what is gluten, anyway? And is cutting it out of your diet really healthy for you?

Show Notes:

Is Going Gluten Free Healthy?

Myths and facts

Gluten is a denatured protein. Denatured or “hollow” proteins lack the enzymes and digestive nutrients that allow your body to break them down. The popular conception is that cutting out gluten is beneficial, but there are also dangers to going gluten-free, such as:

  • Not all products that say “gluten-free” are healthy.
  • Gluten-free foods can still contain products like enriched flour, which is only one element away from chalk.
  • Gluten-free products can still contain heavy grains, be genetically modified and loaded with chemicals.

There are some benefits to going gluten-free. Wheat has become mass-produced, hybridized, and is often doused in pesticides. Avoiding it can be beneficial to your overall health. However, going grain-free is much better for you. Not only does a grain-free diet eliminate gluten, but it also eliminates many other genetically modified, synthetic food products.

Final thoughts

Going gluten-free is combusted. There are far more benefits from a grain-free diet. Going grain-free eliminates gluten, but gluten itself is not the problem.


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