Be the Eye of the Storm

Have you ever been so overwhelmed that you felt there was no escape? Have stresses and worries ever taken over, causing your world to start spinning around you? We’ve all experienced these struggles, and at times, if feels like you’re in the middle of a storm.

In this episode of Take LIFE, international business coach Rene Kamstra shares some of her strategies for overcoming chaos. Being overwhelmed can mean that something in the past made you ill-equipped for this moment. It can also mean you simply don’t have a plan yet. When the world is spinning around you, the secret to surviving the chaos is to remember that every storm rotates around a strong, peaceful center: the eye of the storm!

Twote to Live by:
“When chaos surrounds you, become the eye of the storm.”

1. Become present
2. Create priorities with the 80/20 Rule (twenty percent of what you do will give you eighty percent of your results)
3. Create a Mind Map based on your end goal
4. Put together small action steps

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