Anger, Not Really

Anger, Not Really

In the heat of the moment, do you ever find yourself getting worked up over circumstances, only to later wonder why you reacted the way you did? Does flying off the handle mean you have an anger issue?

In many cases, the anger we experience isn’t true anger at all. Feelings of anger can stem from sadness, insecurity, vulnerability, or even wounded pride. Too often, what we believe as anger over an external situation is actually a reaction to internal conditions, frequently related to our own self-perceptions. So, it is possible to tame these responses to gain more constructive results?

In this episode of TAKE Life, Faith shares some of her experiences with anger, and how conscious shifts in perspective can have big effects on our daily lives. Find out how to resolve anger issues by focusing inward instead of outward, and learn what your frustrations can reveal about you. Leave unfavorable emotions behind, and take the next step toward becoming a total well-being!

Twote to Live by:
“Anger is sad’s bodyguard.”

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