Water Kefir

Sarica Cernohous is the author of The Funky Kitchen and the creator of Naturally Living Today. Her specialty is creating and sharing healthy recipes that incorporate good bacteria. She utilizes the time-honored tradition of fermentation, and today, she shares how to make an important ingredient in many fermentation recipes: water kefir.

Note: this recipe calls for water kefir crystals, which are the dehydrated grains of a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Water kefir crystals are available through several online retailers such as culturesforhealth.com and yemoos.com Follow instructions for proper storage and preparation.

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Water Kefir

•1 quart non-chlorinated water, room temperature
•1/4 cup organic sugar (sucanat and rapadura work best, especially in the cooler climates)
•2-3 tablespoons water kefir grains

Add water to a clean, glass quart-sized jar, then add the sugar and water kefir grains. Cap the jar and set in a warm-ish spot on the counter (at least 72 degrees F, or so) and leave for at least a day. Check the next day, and the water may have tiny bubbles (or not), and the flavor should be VERY faint in sweetness (preferably none at all.) If it is still sweet, allow to ferment longer. Once to your liking, strain off the liquid into a clean glass jar, refrigerate the liquid, and repeat the process.

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