UnBlock Me

Sometimes there are moments in your professional or personal life that can leave you scratching your head or even stomping your feet in frustration. Despite all your hard work and perseverance, it can feel like you’re moving in reverse. Perhaps you feel like you’re just going around in circles, or that all your carefully developed strategies are falling apart before your eyes.

What if you could find a different perspective?

Life lessons can come from the most unlikely of places, and in this episode of TAKE Life, Faith shares how a simple mobile game helped her how to think outside the block – and how you can too!


  1. Sometimes you need to go backward before you can excel forward to freedom.
  2. Going in circles can lead to the answer.
  3. Strategy is overrated.


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  • Belle

    Just so good! Life won’t stop throwing you curve balls just when you think you have it all figured out. Then you readjust your stance just in time for another curve ball. It’s in those moments when you step back to reassess, that you realize you ARE being stretched in preparation for the launch.
    What a JOY this channel is to my life and so many others! Keep those life lessons coming, Chica Bonita!

    • Faith Hill

      Thank you Belle! Life is amazing and you are dead on with everything you said! We are thrilled you find JOY in watching our shows. We are here to motivate and inspire you to do what your calling is and we know you are..:) You inspire us too.

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