What’s in a PLU Number?

What’s in a PLU Number?

Is there a secret method to tell if supermarket produce is genetically modified? There are a lot of rumors going around online that the price look-up (or PLU) numbers on certain products can reveal whether they are genetically modified or organic. But is there any stock to these theories?

Supposedly, the secret lies in a five-digit number, often found on the annoying stickers stuck to your produce. It’s been said that if the number starts with an 8, that product is genetically modified and should be avoided. If it begins with a 9, however, the product has been organically grown. Is it true?

And if it is true, are these processes regulated? Considering the increased demand for organic foods, are PLU codes manipulated in order to trick you into paying more?

In this episode of Combusted, Faith investigates the truth behind PLU codes. Can you really base healthier decisions on a simple five-digit code, or is this theory Combusted?

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