When you feel inspired, that’s when you truly come alive! But what happens when something or someone topples your dreams? What happens when you’re told you can’t do that, or you must do this instead?

Take LIFE is all about learning from daily experiences and embracing the beauty in every circumstance, and in this episode, Rene Kamstra shares her personal journey toward realizing her dreams. Rene’s life story was almost defined by the expectations of others instead of by her own actions. Find out how she turned her life around, rose above the limitations imposed on her by others, and found success in following her dreams. You can, too!

Twote to Live by:
“Mindfulness and presence is the key to being alive.”

1. Inspiration comes from the soul
2. Motivation comes from thought
3. Living in the past, or the future, is a waste of time
4. Be mindful and in the moment, because that’s all we really have

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