Kombucha is a fermented Japanese tea that boosts the immune system and acts as a liquid probiotic. The bacterial benefits make this a popular, healthy drink, but before you spend five dollars on a bottle from the store, check out this episode of Lifewise Approved to learn how to brew kombucha from the comfort of your home.

Today, Faith spends some time in the kitchen with Sarica Cernohous, creator of Naturally Living Today and author of The Funky Kitchen. Sarica teaches the quick and easy way to make kombucha, and she offers a few healthy tips for putting good bacteria to use in your daily nutrition.

Note: this recipe involves a SCOBY, which stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. These are available through retailers like culturesforhealth.com.

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• 1 quart boiled, chlorine-free water with 2 bags organic black or green tea steeped within it and 1/4 cup organic sugar melted into it (rapadura and sucanat natural sugars are the best options)
• 1 Kombucha SCOBY
Allow tea/sugar liquid to come to room temperature, then pour into a clean, quart-sized glass jar and add the SCOBY. Cover with a cap and set in an undisturbed spot on the counter at room temperature for at least a week. Check at the 1-week point, and the flavor should be tart and with very little sweetness. If it is still sweet, allow another day or two to steep. You’ll notice another SCOBY has formed in this process. You can share one of the SCOBYs with a friend, or leave it in the jar with the first. Strain off the liquid and place in a new jar and enjoy through the week. You can repeat the process for continued propagation.

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