Hungry For Change

Hungry For Change

A group of health experts came together in the film Hungry For Change, a documentary to help wake up Americans to the substances they put into their bodies every day. It’s no secret that bad nutritional choices on an individual level have led to an epidemic of poor health in America.

As a result, there have been increased efforts to educate the public on making healthy daily decisions. In fact, the health and weight loss industry is bigger than ever. So, with all the helpful information out there, how is it possible that we’ve seen so little change in the overall health of Americans? Could it be a case of willful ignorance?

As Hungry For Change puts it, “We are overfed and undernourished.” This film is just one of the many recent documentaries aimed at educating people about healthy choices. It’s true that the message of nutrition isn’t for everybody, but don’t people want more for their lives?

In this episode of Combusted, Faith examines whether society’s health problems are truly due to lack of information. Find out whether the lack of health in American is due to insufficient education, or if this myth is officially Combusted.

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